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Practice with each hero before joining a game with others
Before you take a hero out into a public game with other players you are likely to annoy, you should load up a practice match and learn the hero’s skills. Practice matches are just you and the creeps, no other heroes to worry about. This gives you plenty of time to learn the quirks of the hero such as how quickly they attack, or how much damage they do along with just how each of the sills work. Once you have the basics mastered then going into a public game won’t be an issue, but if you use a new hero in a pub then those all-important first five minutes will be wasted on learning just how that hero works.


Know your heroes role
As with any MOBA, each of the heroes in Vainglory is significantly different and as a result are all suited to different tasks. Some such as Ringo are more suited to standing back in the lane and hitting creeps from afar, and doing the same in fights, whereas others such as Koshka can easily head into the jungle from the get go to secure the required farm. Knowing what role your hero is going to be before a game will allow you to be efficient and not waste time doing the wrong things.

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Don’t always grab the minion mine as soon as it spawns.
One of the things that sets Vainglory apart from the many other MOBAs in this world are the mine camps that spawn at the four minute mark in every game. There is a mining camp on each team’s side of the jungle and when captured it gives the lane minions a significant boost making them more durable. Having stronger minions puts pressure on your opponents but the stronger minions offer more gold when killed, so can offer a chance of a comeback or give opponents an easy way of extending their gold lead. While it is often beneficial to have the stronger minions sometimes it can play directly into your opponents’ hands, so always consider the possibilities when taking the camp.


Diversify your item builds
Killing minions and heroes grants gold and with gold you can buy items. There are a decent amount of items available, all of which will do different things, some can make you hit harder or faster while others will make you move quicker or heal you. To make things easy for newer players items are recommended to you based on your hero selection, however diversifying from these items can catch your opponents off guard and picking the right item at the right time can win a crucial fight and lead to a victory.

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Heading to the shop in the jungle is usually quicker than returning to base
While this sounds simple, it’s easy to forget that there is a shop in the middle of the map and as a result you can often waste precious seconds teleporting back to base and walking back into the lane when a much quicker walk south could achieve the same task much quicker. The shop in the jungle sells exactly the same items as the shop in your base and a lot of the time will be closer. Don’t waste time running back, you could be last hitting.


Tap and hold on the map to view other areas
Looking at areas of the map to see exactly what is going on is key in any MOBA, let alone Vainglory where the jungle layout allows for surprise attacks at almost every location. By tapping and holding on the map in the top right of the screen you can view others areas of the map as well as set your hero to move to a faraway location by tapping the ground (while still holding on the map). Not only will this improve your map awareness, but it will also make moving around much easier.


Stay away from turrets in the first four minutes
The turrets in the lane really do hurt during the early stages, to the point where when playing as a squishy character three hits could kill you. So unless you have an incredibly large minion wave your best bet is to stay away from them until you are a high enough level to absorb a good amount of damage or until your team grabs the mine camp.


The Kraken can change a game
At the 15 minute mark in every game the gold mine camp will transform into the Kraken, a powerful minion that when captured will walk towards the enemy base destroying everything in its way. Capturing the Kraken can turn a game from near defeat to crushing win. Its high damage means it can dispose of turrets in a matter of seconds and its high HP means it takes a lot to bring it down. Capture this beast and things become a lot easier.

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But it also carries a massive risk
However that doesn’t mean that the Kraken is a sure fire way to win a match. While it certainly helps, feeding the Kraken to the enemy team without accomplishing much will grant them a lot of gold and XP, which can be all they need to take the next fight and in close games win the match. More times than not the Kraken will be a massive help but always be aware that the enemy team can come back.


Don’t leave games early
In most other MOBAs this is more of a courtesy to others but in Vainglory it can have a massive negative impact on your overall progress. The karma system rewards you for finishing matches and being liked by other players – if you leave early or are disliked then your karma goes down. The higher your karma level the more glory you receive, which can be used to permanently unlock heroes or new skins. Also it’s just a nice, courteous thing to do, so don’t be that guy who goes AFK. Or should that be away from touchscreen?

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